Every so often journalists and others will write articles whose import I think of as a blended idiom, something like the Blind Men and the Elephant in…

November 2022

Celebrate it intentionally.

August 2022

No prizes for guessing.

July 2022

Lol. lmao

June 2022

tl;dr “Conservative” gun stubbornness has jumped the shark into fetishism The degree of unjustified militarism is immature, even childish. There is…

April 2022

All Dogs go to Valhöll

February 2022

Слава и здравие Украине, Слава і здоров'я Росії
Nor July 4th - fly an unambiguously *American* one instead.
In which a Bloomberg Opinion writer falls for the Red Dot Airplane Meme
Dame became a web3 morality cop and affinity scammer after not making enough money as a Christian blogger
(But Brantly is being a little bit braver than Joe is for now)
Young women should not be left to their own devices any longer.