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Holy crap, that Alan Keyes vid was insanely good. But it shows that some types of rhetoric are futile against power brokers and their promises of crumbs of power to their subscribers. Since grievance theory is at it's heart, emotional, it can't be overcome with pure reason. Perhaps the best talisman against the Boggart of Woke Propaganda is humor. Could one take a leaf out of Keye's book (“To act as concepts are laughable it means that you want to be irrational”) and treat the American Cultural Revolution good-natured but unapologetic ridicule?

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I understand where Claire is coming from and I have so much respect for her and what she has created. I want to defend James for a moment. James has a deep philosophical understanding of CRT and critical theories in general. One thing I have found so illuminating in this philosophical journey is how collectivist ideologies always tend more radical. In contrast to Enlightenment liberalism, where human fallibility and self-correction are the point, these narrative driven ideologies have no limit on themselves. They really puts the author into authoritarian. While perhaps the narrative can move by Hegelian dialectic, the core of it does not. The core is always correct. Fundamentally being fully insulated from reality, completely unscientific, the ideology always fails and this failure is reinvested into the ideology. This is like losing money and reinvesting the loss into what is creating the loss. It sounds crazy but I think we can all relate to banging our heads against the wall. If you play golf, its like swinging more to the left to correct the slice to the right, which is in fact what is causing the slice in the first place. Anyway, further, the ideology cannot co-exist with other ideas and the ideologues tend to edit out the other knowledge, especially that which is powerful knowledge. This is a lighter version comparable to the Bolsheviks actually gaining power coming to find out that they have killed all the people that know how to produce food. Starvation ensues. Those edits may not be so easily available when the time comes. Christ, look at CA's drug and crime policies based on fisher-price imitation-science. All of this leads a funneling into deeper ideological depths eventually to totalitarianism. When James talks about white genocide, what he is saying is that CRT and its thoroughly designed family of critical theories and narratives, is built like Marxism or Nazism, with the tendency to only become more extreme unless it is stopped. White genocide is not something he worries about but it is where the algorithm theoretically leads left unopposed. Thankfully the American system is strong and even the radicals have the ability to stop if they so choose it important enough. People do seem not to appreciate that this moment is a long time coming, perhaps from the moment the Allies decided not to go on to Moscow after defeating fascist socialism. This thing isn't a tidal wave but a tsunami - the wave is only 10 feet but the water behind it goes for miles. What we need is teaching of Enlightenment values, which could include the Philosophy of Science. This isn't a left/right issue, it's liberalism vs collectivism. Perhaps that will be my new approach, explaining liberalism and liberal science. Teach them to understand what freedom actually is and the tools to investigate on their own.

For the record, I'm not concerned about genocide, but I am concerned about being attacked/mugged. I am concerned about going to work everyday walking on eggshells thanks to DEI. I will not live that way.

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