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The solution is quite simple, but will never be implemented.


What are the current social pathologies afflicting the West, particular America? Open borders (those poor immigrants), street crime (those poor incarcerated people), social promotion in school (those poor kids), crap teachers (those poor teachers [the dumbest cohort in any college - look it up]), drugs (those poor druggies need free needles), homelessness (those poor people), able-bodied people on welfare (those poor people), trannies (those poor men).... and, of course, below-replacement fertility. ALL - 100% - of these are traceable DIRECTLY to empathy and, hence, to women's suffrage. Add in anti-feminine "feminism" and the workplace and what do you get? You get "Mean Girls" running a matriarchy - and NO matriarchy - EVER - has succeeded in all of history.

You want to "fix" the housing problem? Kick women out of the workplace and a married family will be able to raise their kids on a single salary, with mom at home keeping an eye on the schools and housing prices will be within the reach of a single-family income.. as they were until the mid-late-60s.

We've had the experiment for a century: We can have a free, fair, open, educated society in which women and kids aren't threatened every time they walk a street or attend a school, or we can let women vote and participate in the workplace. But we cannot have both. OBVIOUSLY.

It is NOT the love of money that is the root of all evil. It is the love of empathy that is the root of all evil. Back to fertility - if women are in the workplace and in the politics, empathy is the way to their bed - and their bed is the way to the future of the human race. But empathy is THE MOST destructive force in ANY society.

So we need to decide: Do we want women safe, able to compete in sports with peers, do we want affordable homes? Good education? Safe streets? Prosperity? A BORDER?

Or do we want universal suffrage?

It's really THAT simple.

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